Writing Services

The ‘medium is the message’ was a phrase coined in the 1960’s by writer Marshall McLuhan. With today’s choices his words are truer than they were 40 years ago.

Using the correct words or ‘turn of phrase’ can have incredible power and take a ‘so-so’ presentation and rocket it into the stratosphere. The right words can take your business from an unknown entity to one that is literally Tweeted to thousands of potential clients.

My extensive background as a veteran broadcast journalist has helped to establish my reputation as a leader in the communications field. My insight and experience is directly tied to my broad experience writing for business as an Operations Manager, writing and editing for traditional radio and television broadcast media and online for New Media clients.

I have over twenty years experience as a writer, producer, news anchor, editor and online communicator and hold an English Degree from The University of Calgary.

My writing services include:

  • Ad Copy (from simple banner ad text to commercial scripts)
  • Editing
  • Press Releases/News Releases
  • Feature Articles
  • Marketing Communications
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Biographies/Executive Profiles
  • E-Books
  • Media Relations
  • Slogan Development
  • Web Copy

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