My mother used to say I could box
before I could walk.

That’s because I had five brothers and was the only girl living with a mitt-full of boys. Of COURSE I had to learn how to stick up for myself. Otherwise I’d still be on Manitoba Street hiding in the nearest tree.

I also learned to talk at 12 months of age (as the story goes) and some say I haven’t stopped talking since. I’m sure there’s a compliment in there somewhere.

I am passionate about speaking and communicating (now that I’ve given up the whole boxing thing) and have been speaking on radio, TV and as a voice-over artist for close to two decades.

I graduated from The University of Calgary in Drama and English and have called Calgary home for 20 years.

I am versatile with a wide range of vocal styles and characters. I deliver top quality reads in a warm and friendly voice-over style from casual to corporate. I also inherited a great work ethic, a strong sense of timing and a genuine love for my work.

I have a professional in-home studio and can typically offer 24-hour turn-around time on things like commercial voice overs, E-learning and narration.

I welcome you to contact me for a personalized quote